The Heart of the Matter

Choosing Kindness

Marianne Richmond Kindness OpenHearted Living The Heart's Journey

I was tired and crabby yesterday and knew I needed to go the store for wrapping paper. Turning into the Rite Aid parking lot, I was stopped mid-turn by a teenage boy in his cute little sports car in front of me. My van and I stuck out into oncoming traffic. But honestly, I had time.  I honked my horn. He turned around to see who beeped at him, and sat an extra 2 seconds to really annoy me. He succeeded and we both pulled in, of course going to the same place. It’s easier to be a jerk from the anonymity of one’s car. I got out. He got out. We looked at each other. “You can’t just sit...

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Glowing up

Marianne Richmond The Heart's Journey

“When am I going to glow up?” my daughter asked me, sitting in the passenger seat of our van in the driveway. We had just returned from school shopping at the mall. “Grow up?” I asked, clarifying what I'd heard. “No, glow up,” she repeated. “You know how you did between that 8th grade picture and the one from your senior year in high school.” She was taking about my 8th grade school picture — the one in which she told me I kinda looked like a guy. I had the 1970's hair-sprayed sausage rolls down the side of my head plus...

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16 Simple Ways to Grow Gratitude

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Yesterday was the official book birthday of my newest title Bedtime Blessings. Bedtime Blessings offers a peaceful way to end the day with a special child, through this heartfelt prayer of gratitude and wish for God's blessings on others, too.  Yes, while you were going about your day, I quietly released a new offering into the world. No balloons, presents or champagne  — just the happy knowing that this book is now available to be shared with you and your little ones. You can find it here and here and where books are sold. It will also be in the Target Stores picture book section on October 18,...

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The Gifts of Loss

Marianne Richmond Connection Friendship loss OpenHearted Living The Heart's Journey

One of my dearest friends from California is moving to St. Louis, and I'm sad. We discovered each other via mutual connections, both of us children's book authors and both working from home. Of course I scoped out her website before our meeting, feeling nervous but deciding yes, she looked friendly.  Our connection was immediate. We walked the five-mile QuickSilver trails together, 3-4 times a week, sharing our lives and covering every topic from kids and spirituality to aging, money, book ideas, dreams, parents, fears and insecurities. Though I've been here just two years, she's become an epic friend, comfort and blessing.  “What will I do without...

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51 Wishes

Marianne Richmond bucket list Connection Inspiration OpenHearted Living

In honor of my 51st year on this planet, I made this list of wishes for you — little things you can do to honor the heart of you, add some kindness to the world and connect with who you love. Feel free to print it out, share it with a friend and choose a couple ideas that will expand your joy.  1. Paint a rock and join the The Kindness Rocks Project. 2. Visit the Facebook pages of five friends and leave a compliment on their timeline, telling them what you love best about them. 3. Make a Tie Dye T-shirt... just because.  4. Become a...

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