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”Marianne‘s creations inspire and empower parents; provide foundation for the growth of attachment, respect and love within a family; and give words to the tender feelings and thoughts parents have towards their little ones.” — Rina, Parent Educator, Mindful Beginnings

About Marianne

Beloved author and artist, Marianne Richmond has been crafting the language of connection for close to three decades. With 70+ books and more than eight million copies sold, she writes for the “unique everybody.” Our stories are different and our feelings a lot the same," says Marianne. Marianne is passionate about helping people of all ages feel seen and loved — and using the power of self-expression to learn, heal, and grow. She hopes her work is a bridge to the message of your own heart!

What's new right now

Marianne's USA Today bestselling book, I Love You All Ways (illustrated by Dubravka Kolanovic), is the centerpiece of this new personalized-at-retail book program featuring 100 top names plus granddaughter, grandson, and fill-in-the-blank. Created by longtime publisher Sourcebooks, this program is happily set up at all Barnes and Noble stores nationwide! Look in the kids' book section or online to find the book created especially for you. Whom do you love all ways? Olivia, Emma, Charlotte, Liam, Noah, or Henry? Jackson, Ethan, Eleanor or Grayson? The cute bears are waiting to help you say so.

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