Give dad the gift of your words

Like many moms, the Father’s Day gift thing always gave me trouble. How many Home Depot gift cards, tools, or tee-shirts could I gift through the years? So when my first two boys were little, I decided I would create a “perpetual gift” that we could re-give every year.

And it’s this book – the Dad book.

I bought a simple black book at an art store – and decorated the first page with Dear Dad.

The first year or two, I wrote the entries for the kids, and put a picture in there. They may have added a scribble or two. I know I’ve traced a hand or two in there…

The next year, I had them dictate to me what they would say if they could write it down.

Eventually they started taking over the writing…

And the letters keep getting a little more heartfelt and grown up…

Every year, a couple days before Father’s Day, I give the Dad Book to one child – and have him or her pass it around to the others. The kids love seeing Jim’s reaction to their entries year to year … and I know how much he treasures their thoughts to him. I just know it grows more precious every year.

Cost = $0 — so feel free to accompany it with a wrench or bottle of Old Spice (think my dad had a 10 year supply…)

The Heart of the Matter:  Words from the heart are the best gift of all.

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Of course Pam – I think they will love it!


What a great idea! I’m going to start this book with my youngest grandsons, ages 3 and 5, for their dad! Can I pass the idea along to my preschool parents? I’ll give you credit, Marianne!

Pam Carlson

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