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“Amazing presentation. I feel uplifted! Thank you!” — keynote, MN Education Conference, 2019


I love sharing my author journey and creativity with others. At the heart of my work is the power of self-expression and courage to connect, grow and change. Some of the places I speak and relevant topics.

Education Conferences and Professional Development

Hooray for You: Celebrating You-ness, Creativity and Social Emotional Learning

How can we encourage kids to honor their own uniqueness and potential while helping them practice acceptance, respect and empathy, too? Bestselling author and artist Marianne Richmond will share her author journey, the inspiration behind Hooray for You, a celebration of you-ness, and give teachers creative ideas for bringing the book’s themes to the heart of their students and classroom.

Finding your Brave

How can we show up as our bravest selves as teachers while encouraging our kids and parents to do the same? Bestselling author and artist Marianne Richmond will share her the inspiration behind Be Brave Little One, a book that honors and celebrates the power of courage in everyone, affirming how bravery can show up in all different ways — from the big out-loud decisions to the small, quiet choices — when fueled by the wisdom of the heart. The accompanying "Finding your Brave" illustrates key concepts to cultivating courage. 

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being our feature speaker at the gala. You were stunningly wonderful and brave to share so candidly about your journey with epilepsy. It is because of people like you who demonstrate their perseverance and share it with others that helps make someone feel not so alone.”
— Kari Olufson, Development Director, Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota

 "I appreciated Marianne's brave sharing of her life experience, what she learned and how we can learn from our experiences, too.

Early Childhood Educator at MN Early Childhood Conference


Creative Inspiration from Children’s Picture Books with Author and Artist Marianne Richmond

A 60-75 minute session jam-packed with ideas for how to use Marianne’s beloved picture books as a springboard for creative projects with even the littlest readers. Participants will hear the inspiration behind some of Marianne’s best-selling titles, see examples of some of her favorite projects and partake in a little bit of “craft time” themselves!

”Amazing Presentation - I feel uplifted! Thank you!”
 Early Childhood Educator at MN Early Childhood Conference


Women's Events

    School Visits

    Over the past two decades, I have talked with thousands of kids and teachers about my books, creative process, how publishing works and the “art of self expression.” I have also spoken at education conferences and evening parent programs. Topics include:

    • Finding Your B.R.A.V.E. — Courage is a choice, fueled by the wisdom of your heart. I speak to the kids about what it means to find their truly “listen to their heart” and combat fear ... and how bravery looks all sorts of ways, from the big out-loud decisions to the personal, quiet choices. Kids walk away with a tangible way to think about courage. 
    • Hooray for You, a celebration of you-ness— What is you-ness?  “The grand sum of you that sets you apart, your body and brains plus your spirit and heart!” We talk about the important of celebrating individuality and diversity, curiosity over criticism and empathy over judgment. 
    • I Believe in You— “The job of growing up takes hard work, you know but each day is an adventure and each problem helps you grow!” We talk about the “inner assets” needed to succeed (truth telling, courage, kindness, etc.) as well as the “life team” every kid needs, i.e., parents, teachers, coaches, etc. Kids walk away knowing they have more support than they might have thought! 
    • STOP and Write! — The blank page is intimidating for even the most experienced writer! A teacher saying, “let's write!" often means panic for students. I share my personal how-to-get-started writing formula, simple enough for even the youngest child to remember. (S=Start with what you know T=Talk to people O=Open your Mind and P=Put it down on paper.
    “Hi Marianne, your presentations yesterday for our annual Author Day were wonderful. At the staff meeting after school, many teachers told me how much they and their students enjoyed your "STOP and write!" message. Teachers also appreciated that you shared your personal story of how you got started writing and illustrating. And the best compliment of all, a student asked me first thing this morning when you would be back!”
    — Karen Ott, Media Specialist, Country Lane School, Cupertino, CA
    “Marianne challenged the students to celebrate the 'you-ness' inside each one of them — the essence of what makes every person uniquely special. When she said good-bye to the last of the children filing back to class, you could tell that the students felt they'd not only made a new friend in Marianne but that they believed a bit more in themselves as well. A priceless gift!
    — Rachael Parakh, PTA President, Simonds Elementary, San Jose, CA
    "Thanks for sharing your books and life stories with us. God blessed you with a special gift! I am looking forward to adding several of your books to our class collection."
    — Melanie Ludwig, Educator, IA
    “Marianne Richmond is a wonderful author. She spent the day talking with each of our classes and then spoke to our parents during our Annual Family Literacy Night event. Marianne shared personal stories, read a few of her books to us and explained how she approaches the writing process. The parents, students, and staff all commented on what an “awesome” day and evening it was. Two weeks after Marianne’s visit, some or our teachers are using her drawings to “spark” a writing activity in class. We can’t thank Marianne enough for sharing her love of writing and reading to our school family.” 
    — Jim Cayton, Principal, Kalona Elementary, Kalona, IA

    One-on-one Guidance

    Do you have a book project in you? Not sure how the industry works? Should you self-publish or seek a traditional publisher?  Over the past 20 years, I've done it all, from self-publishing to more than six million books sold.  Let's schedule a call to help you get the clarity you need. E-mail me at for rates and availability.  

    "Please know the profound impact you have had on me today and going forward. You went above and beyond with your advice and encouragement! The tools you have presented to me will help as I move forward with this chapter of my work life."
    — Jackie McClellan-Vargas, Chicago, IL
    “Marianne Richmond is a wealth of fabulous information! If you are an aspiring author who is looking to connect with an authentic, knowledgeable and creative soul, I strongly suggest reaching out to her. You will not be disappointed.” 
    — Kate Fischer, Minneapolis, MN

    Workshops and Retreats

    “I attended Marianne's workshop and it was wonderful. She is warm and inviting, and created a space to contemplate and express ourselves. The canvas I made is a great reminder of what is important to me and will hang in my office as a gentle reminder of my highest goals for myself.” 

    — Karen Ritchey, Founder and Executive Director, Deborah's Palm, Palo Alto, CA 

    “Words cannot express how deeply grateful I am to have been able to take an art workshop from Marianne Richmond. Marianne allowed me to express my feelings and was with me every step of the way. I was able to face my fears and leave the workshop with a project I felt good about. She helped me regain a confidence that had been lost for many years. I'm so grateful to her!”

    —  Karen Midlo, Art of Intention workshop participant

    “If you have an opportunity to take a class from Marianne, do yourself a favor and sign up right away! She's awesome!”

    — MJ Garrett, Creative Playgroup Participant

    "Very inspiring presentation. Marianne had a lot of fun, engaging ways to get little writers excited!"
    — Educator, Using Picture Books as Creative Inspiration Workshop