If I had to describe myself in three words, I'd say writing, creativity and connection. From tracing the butterflies on my childhood bedroom wallpaper to writing my first poems in 5th grade, I've always loved the art of self-expression to connect me to myself and others.

In 1997, while recovering from brain surgery, I wrote, illustrated, and self-published my first book called The Gift of an Angel for parents welcoming a new child followed by The Gift of a Memory to commemorate loss. I didn't know anything about book publishing, only that I wanted to translate my experiences into messages that might resonate with you, too (and they did!). Two books became many and, over time, blossomed into a publishing company I co-ran for 16 years with my husband, Jim, and 12 employees. Along the way, I became a mom and found endless creative inspiration in growing and loving four beautiful little humans (And still do!) In 2010, we wound down our business to partner with Sourcebooks, Inc., the largest woman-owned independent publisher in North America. This transition allowed me to get back to doing what I love best — creating!

After decades of authoring and mothering, I recently completed a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling to better understand how our brains and bodies process and hold our personal stories and how we can reclaim our truest selves. In addition to speaking and hosting workshops, I am honored to now come alongside individuals in a more personal way by offering individual therapy. My greatest joy is helping you connect with your own heart and possibility.

Xo, Marianne

  • Education + Certifications

    • 2024: MA, Mental Health Counseling, Adams State University, Alamosa, CO.
    • 2020: Certified Reiki Master, Levels I and II
    • 2014: Certified Professional Coach, Wainwright Global Institute of Professional Coaching
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The backstory if you're interested.

Since I was a young girl, I’ve loved writing for its ability to make sense of the world around me. It’s long been my gift, seen in cards I made as a kid, journals I’ve kept for 30 years, essays adorned with teachers’ encouragement and chatty letters I sent my parents from afar, now bundled in keepsake boxes.Writing helped me understand myself and connect with others. 

That it could be my livelihood was another matter.

I envied my college pals who made a beeline to their dreams of becoming vets, musicians or accountants. Me? I changed majors three times, starting in Journalism (right idea but too factual), detouring through Home Economics (inexplicable, really) and landing in business school (why not?).

Lasting just 13 months in my first corporate marketing gig, I was frustrated early (ha!). Too many layers between my ideas and permission to execute. I started working for small, creative entities (with impassioned personas to match) in the marketing communications field, getting paid to articulate brand, emotion, and ideas. It was the “work until 2am to please the crazy boss” phase of my life.

Until I learned I had a brain tumor.

Starting at age 9, I had epileptic seizures that shook my being — physically and emotionally. Their cause went undiagnosed for 15 years until the discovery and removal of a benign brain tumor in my 20’s. I was terrified and relieved. It was the start of a new chapter of my life, seizure free. 

To combat post-surgery boredom, I started hand-painting thank you cards for my well wishers. Over time, this simple hobby blossomed into a publishing company I co-ran with my husband, Jim, for 16 years! In spring of 2010, we partnered  with Sourcebooks, Inc., the largest independent and woman-owned publisher in North America. Now I’m back to working for myself, finding inspiration in the dailyness of life and partnering with the people and companies that allow me to do my greatest work! 

My beautiful now.

I currently live in the Nashville area. I'm a wife to Jim and mom to Cole, Adam, Julia and Will. You’ll see the acronym — CAJW— in some of my books. That’s them. I'm also a dog mom to Otis Adventure who is not very adventurous. I'm an extroverted introvert who loves hiking and hot yoga and hates centipedes, worms and olives. I'm a seeker, questioner, and student of life. And I'm most delighted when my stories become a part of yours. xo, M.