The Heart of the Matter

A different kind of award night

For once in my life, I have something in common with Justin Bieber. On his Instagram post (yep, I'm a follower!) after the Billboard Music Awards, he said this:  “I don't know about these award shows ... I don't feel good when I'm there nor after." His reference was to the format of recognition for performance. I kinda get it.  My oldest son and I attended the Senior Awards Night last night and sat through two hours of accolades for some majorly high - achieving kids. This is Silicon Valley after all. Their collective accomplishments are amazing. Stellar GPAs! Hundreds of...

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Appreciation is Good for the Heart

Let's be honest. It’s often easier to criticize the outcome than appreciate the effort behind it. This past weekend, my daughter holed herself up in room for hours on Saturday, making a poster for her drama classmates. The big spring musical was that night and she wanted to give them a memory, a tribute. She painstakingly depicted each of the 30 kids as cartoon caricatures, inspired by their role in the play. Proud and excited, she brought the poster to school and hung it on the wall backstage. It didn't take long before several kids wandered over and began critiquing her drawings....

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Blog Archives

Blog archive

When I created this new website, I could not carry forward my previous blog. This link connects you to some of my writings and reflections through the years.  

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