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With Father's Day coming soon, wanted to share a couple of links.  

I created this book, simply called My Dad Loves Me, a bunch of years ago. Recently, however, it's had a surge in popularity where it's now the 5th best-selling title in the “Children's Parents Books” category on Amazon.  

Put me in the Story, offers a personalized version of My Dad Loves Me (above). recently included it in an article called 12 Sappy Father's Day gifts that dad will actually love!  Some fun ideas in there. 


As you know, I'm a big fan of gifts that come from the heart! When my kids were little, I created a Dear Dad book.  I bought a blank book and wrote a letter to Jim on behalf of the kids (because they were too little to do so) ... through the years, they added their own thoughts, and it is a deeply treasured book now.

Here is the blog post I wrote about how to make your own!

The Heart of the Matter: So much to love about dad

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