Love List

Some of my favorite ideas and resources to help you connect with the heart of you — and with whom you love! 

Do you have advice for me if I want to publish my own book?

I have been a published author for two decades and have learned a lot along the way. I self-published my first book in 1997! This was LONG before it was easy to do so (through programs like CreateSpace and Blurb). After running my own business for 16 years, I sold my entire book line to Chicago publisher Sourcebooks, Inc. Basically, I've never had the experience of working with an agent or sending query letters to various publishers seeking an acceptance of a manuscript. What I can say is this: It's all about distribution. It's easier than ever to get your book made. This is the “easy” part. But who is going to buy it and how will you reach him or her?  And even before that to know your objectives. Why do you want to publish this book? To make money? To touch lives? To see your name in print? This, too, may inform your publishing journey. These are the resources I often refer to and I'm sure there are many more! Alexandra Franzen, a Portland-based writer, pondered this same question and offer some great food for thought.

The Write Practice is a blog I have contributed to and that helps writers of all levels keep at it. A great place to ask questions and get advice! I'm also a fan of Jeff Goins who is encouragement personified for aspiring writers everywhere. Again, tons of tools and advice for getting published. John Kremer is a longtime advocate for the independent author and has a jam-packed website of resources. And lastly, here is great FAQ from Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators about next steps for writers.

This is an excellent article explaining the various formats of children's books! 


THE DEAR DAD BOOK is a gift I created when my children were small. It's the gift of your words for dad, re-given each year on Father's Day.

MANTRABANDS are simple, elegant bracelets with a touch of delicate polish and an uplifting message; promoting a lifestyle of optimism, positivity, mindfulness. Wear your Mantraband every day as your daily reminder, affirmation, and inspiration. Made with love.

The First Impressions®  FINGERPRINT JEWELRY line captures the essence of what is most important to people – love and relationships. These handcrafted pieces (pendants + bracelets) turn a unique print of a child, spouse or friend into a treasured keepsake.

Any gift/painting/creation from LORI WALTERS, a beautiful artist who infuses her art with intention, love and joy! 


KINDNESS QUILTS  Create a no-sew quilt of individual squares depicting a theme. Can use paint or markers. This is one of five quilts I created with 700 kids, around theme of connection. Quilt squares can be found here

THE KINDNESS ROCKS PROJECT is a movement to spread love and connection through uplifting painted rocks. Leave them along your way. Create a kindness garden. Beautify the world. Families, schools, senior centers — an awesome project for all ages. 


Some of my personal favorite books:

THE BOOK OF AWAKENING by Mark Nepo opens a new season of freedom and joy--an escape from deadening, asleep-at-the wheel sameness--that is both profound and clarifying. His spiritual daybook is a summons to reclaim aliveness, liberate the self, take each day one at a time, and to savor the beauty offered by life's unfolding.

A GRACE DISGUISED: HOW THE SOUL GROWS THROUGH LOSS by Jerry Sittser is an amazing and hopeful book on how the deep losses in life (be it death, divorce, illness) can be the very source of God-inspired transformation in our lives.

LET YOUR LIFE SPEAK by Parker Palmer invites us to listen to the inner teacher and follow its leadings toward a sense of meaning and purpose.

THE GENTLE ART OF BLESSING explains the transformative spiritual practice of blessing and offers a way of being in the world that cultivates goodness and gratitude. 

LIV LANE is an intuitive adviser and author who works with angels and spirits to deliver inspired guidance to light up your life with clarity, purpose and joy..  Check out how she can help YOU through her intuitive spirit-led readings and and e-courses.  Visit her at