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Retailers: Call 1-800-432-7444 or to set up a wholesale account.
Consumers: Find my books at the usual book places. Independent book stores, Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart to name a few. Online, too. I can't suggest a one-stop shop, however, as different stores carry different titles. 

Large Hardcover with Dustjacket (10” x 10”, 32 – 40 pages)



Mid-Size Gift Book, Hardcover without Dustjacket (8” x 8”, 32 pages)



Board Books, Cardboard Cover and pages (7” x 7”, 24 pages)

Spanish Board Books, Cardboard Cover and pages (5” x 6”, 24 pages)

Petite Gift Book, Hardcover with Linen Cover (6” x 6”, 64 pages)

Postcard Books, Journals and Activity Books