The Great Giveaway!!

Hello and welcome to The Great Giveaway Day!  Today I’m celebrating 20 years of authorship, 20 years of making my way in the world through my words and creativity. In the beginning, it was me creating in a spare bedroom and the knee-knocking courage to put my ideas into the marketplace. For the next 16 years, it was co-running with my husband a multi-million dollar publishing company with 12 employees and ALL the ups and downs included. And now, for the past couple years, I'm back to solo as an independent author in partnership with Sourcebooks, my book publisher and Shade Tree Greetings, my greeting card publisher. I went back and forth trying to decide if I should commemorate this milestone. Part of me said, "Meh, don’t bother” while the other, wiser part said, “Listen girl. This IS a big accomplishment. Share it with the folks who helped get you there.” This would be YOU, the beautiful souls who have bought and shared my work through the years, helping me to believe more fully in myself and my gifts.  My turn for gift-giving back to you!

Here’s how this giveaway works!

  1. I have 20 gifts for you as listed below.  
  2. If you’d like a chance to win, add a comment to this post with the “answer” to this statement: Love is ... ________________.
  3. I will use a random number generator to choose winners from all the entries, going down my list of giveaways and choosing names as I go.
  4. I will publish the winners on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 and e-mail you separately, too, to get your shipping address. At this time, you can tell me if you want your book personalized to someone (if you happen to win a book!)

I think that’s all... please share with your friends if you’re so inclined! Thank you for helping me celebrate my 20th Anniversary of connecting with the heart of you!

Love, Marianne.

Email me with any questions: 

#1 and #2:  Two signed copies of The Gift of an Angel

The two winners of this giveaway will each receive a signed book with lullaby CD.  


Danielle Hernandez

Amber Cheras

#3:  A FREE personalized book at Put me in the Story

The one winner of this giveaway will receive a code for one free book, compliments of publisher Sourcebooks, Inc



Abigail Stinson:

#4 - #7: Four signed copies of You're a Big Brother OR Big Sister

The Winners!

The four winners of this giveaway will each receive a signed book.

Desiree Jimenez 

Cassie Wendler 

Ruth Hill 


#8 - #12: A half-dozen greeting cards 

The winners!

Michelle Novara 

Jennifer Osborn 

Amanda Bair


Aeicha Matteson


#13 - #14: Magnet House Jewelry Gift Set 

The winners!

Lisa Parks 

Stephanie Dorsey

#15: Notepad + Magnet Set 


The one winner of this giveaway will receive one notepad and two magnets.

The Winner!


#16: One signed copy of So Glad We're Sisters


The one winner of this giveaway will receive one signed Dear Sister book. 

Winner:  Sara 

#17: One signed copy of Bedtime Blessings


The one winner of this giveaway will receive one signed Bedtime Blessing book. 

The Winner!


#18: One signed copy of You are my Heart

The one winner of this giveaway will receive one signed You are my Heart book. 

The Winner!

Amy H 



#19: One signed copy of I’ll Never Let You Go

The one winner of this giveaway will receive one signed I'll Never Let You Go book. 

The Winner!

Denise Luscan 


#20: One signed copy of You are my Merry

 The one winner of this giveaway will receive one signed You are my Merry book.

 The winner!


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Love is the answer

Kirsten N

Love is helping your special needs daughter be the best at what she wants to be in her own way. She always is smiling and laughing which is also contagious by the way. Just warms my heart to make her happy.

Cassie Hayes

Love is… the fabric or glue of life. It makes you stronger in times of weakness. Helps you let go when your children grow and leave for college, and gives you strength to face any adversity.


Having children!!!

Tins Meissner

Love is… the ability to be humble, the grace to be open, and the strength to be brave.

Susie Z

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