Everyday Brave: Our Brave Little Brother

My name is Molly Doyle, and I am the mother of two dark-haired baby boys: Grady is 2 years old and Garrett is 3 months old. Their blonde-haired cousin Leyton, who's close to 3-1/2 years old, is my older sister Bridie's son. These boys are blessed to have Gigi, my mother, Amy, who spoils them with children’s books for every holiday, birthday, or just-because. Recently, Gigi picked up copies of “Be Brave Little One” for the grandbabies, and honestly, she didn't even open them before purchasing. She just knew they'd be a great addition to their collection. 

The final member of our clan is their Uncle Connor, our younger brother. A child at heart, but no kids of his own, Connor loved his nephews more than anything. On Sunday, October 15th, we received the devastating news that Connor had been killed in an automobile accident early Sunday morning. He was 23 years old.

After I learned of Connor's death, I was spending time with my mom, and she mindlessly handed me the copy of "Be Brave Little One,” along with a few other Halloween-themed books, for my boys. Sitting at the kitchen counter, feeling numb inside and in a dark haze, I read your book. Immediately, I understood why it had entered our lives. It exemplified the beautiful life my brother led. 

Connor was “supposed to be” a basketball player, but he followed his heart and became a DJ. He practically lived out of his car because "the cozy of home" to him was being with the people he loved, even if it was on their couch for the night. Since he grew up with two older sisters, he learned early about expressing his emotions, following his heart, and loving others deeply. He was a romantic, occasionally a hot head, and a wonderful friend to all.  We celebrated his life on Wednesday, October 18th with hundreds of his closest friends, who came from all over, from all walks of life.

While I hadn't planned on speaking at the service, I wanted everyone in attendance to bring Connor back to life by imagining him as your brave, little character. We will forever remember our brother shining bright as the sun. 


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