Be Brave Little One -- my NEW BOOk is born!

Happy Book Birthday to my newest book -- Be Brave Little One!

TODAY, August 1, is the “official” publication date, the day when it is AVAILABLE here and here and here

Sounds like a big deal, yes??  

It is. This book is the culmination of hours and hours of thinking, writing, concepting, drawing, painting, designing, printing.  

And for me, finally figuring out how to give voice to the journey of courage we all walk. It’s the message I’ve been wanting to put into the world for such a long time but didn't quite know how until a conversation last year with my youngest son, Will, who is 13.

I was asking him what it meant to be brave, pointing out how courageous he had been starting a new school in California.

“I guess,” he said, “but it's not like I had a choice about starting school. I think brave is when you have a CHOICE and you do the thing you want to do no matter what anyone else says.”


This conversation broke it open for me and had me writing this:

How far can I go?

What things can I be

When I get to choose

What brave is to me?

Brave means listening to the “truthful and wise” voice of your heart and doing what it says, no matter what everyone else thinks you should do.  
Brave looks all kinds of ways -- from the big, out-loud choices to the small, quiet decisions. 
Brave is accepting and welcoming ALL your feelings — from excitement and happiness to fear and doubt and being okay with the spectrum of feelings that makes us HUMAN and REAL. 
Brave is an everyday, start-over-if-you-need-to practice that leads to the truest version of you. 

It is my journey and yours. And because of that, I dedicated it to both of us.

Can I tell you one more thing? This book birthday — the PUB DATE —  actually feels very quiet and ordinary. There are no balloons attached to my front door or people lining up on my front step for a copy or e-mails flooding my mail box with congratulatory sentiments.

What a fitting metaphor for bravery. Our biggest acts of courage are often the quiet moments no one may know about but us. The decision to keep going or to try something new. The deep-down commitment to welcome another day and do your best.

Be Brave to be You

on your journey begun.

Let your heart lead the way.

Be brave little one!  (and grownups, too!) 

Much love!



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