Where to Find


Magnet House Jewelry 

Magnet House Jewelry is an interchangeable, magnetic jewelry concept I created and patented. For several years, I sold my jewelry to individuals, gift shops and catalogs as well as groups wishing to use the now-patented concept to support their brand or cause. I am currently looking for partnership opportunities to re-invigorate this product idea! 

Here's a few specific things people contact me about and the scoop on them.

Grand-o-Grams —This is a paperback book of 40 postcards that grandparents can send to their grand kids. They are available here and here. Many gifts shops around the country still carry this little book but I don't have an easy way to access such a list.

Celebrate Plates — This was a line of ceramic plates I had created that featured several styles: Happy Birthday, Star of the Game, Good Luck, Love and a Giving Plate. We stopped making these and I don't think they are around except at maybe Ebay.

Greeting Card Box — This was a “customer favorite” product I created for Books are Fun. It was a recipe-style box that had 30 greeting cards in it, divided by category. Books are Fun offers certain products through its exclusive distribution channels and when they sell out, they are gone as is the case with this one!  If you still have a box, however, you are welcome to fill it with my cards through Shade Tree Greetings!